The Route 23 and Route 287 intersection in Riverdale, New Jersey, is the site of another dump truck accident, the sixth in the past two months. This truck-accident hot spot has seen more accidents in the past two months than an area will usually see in a year, says the borough’s police chief. It seems that many truckers fail to notice the traffic light at the bottom of the Route 287 exit and don’t have enough time to slow down at the bottom of the hill. Police have also previously stationed officers in the area to catch speeding trucks.

The accident happened as the dump truck driver drove down the steep hill and apparently lost control of the vehicle, hitting eight cars. The driver claims he experienced brake failure, but State Police determined the brakes were functional. After hitting the eight cars, the truck eventually rolled over and stopped.

Five people were injured in the crash, all of whom were taken to Chilton Hospital. The Record reports that the victims all suffered head and neck injuries, but there have been no reports on the extent of anyone’s injuries. It is believed that the victims all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but the severity of the injuries remains unknown.

Although the truck driver will face criminal charges, he should also be held liable to the numerous people injured because of his apparent carelessness. All motorists must be careful while driving, but truck drivers must be especially so. Because of the size and weight of a truck, careless driving could cause horrific injuries and tremendous financial and emotional strain on someone injured in a truck accident. There is no excuse for irresponsible driving by truckers and it is important to hold them liable for any damage or destruction they cause.

Managed Care and Medical Staff

Managed Care

Managed care continues to have a tremendous impact on health care. Our Health Care Practice Group has provided a full range of services related to managed care arrangements including all aspects of HMO and PPO development, acquisition and sale, managed care joint ventures, independent practice associations (IPAs) and physician-hospital organizations (PHOs). Our qualified’s services include determination of appropriate structures and business forms, contracts with providers and payors; contracts with Medicare and federal employees; fraud and abuse, and reimbursement issues; insurance regulatory compliance and Department of Insurance matters; and securities exemptions, offerings and registration matters.

Medical Staff

The relationship between hospitals and physicians is important to both providers. Our qualified Health Care attorneys have worked with hospitals to draft medical staff bylaws and have counseled hospitals as well as individual health professionals on various questions involving medical staff activities and hospital bylaws. This work includes counseling on malpractice insurance issues; peer review activities; immunity and National Practitioner Data Bank issues (including the operation and effect of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act); disciplinary activities (including summary and automatic suspension hearings); revocation of clinical or admitting privileges; medical staff membership issues (including questions involving closed medical staffs); and the role of allied health professionals.

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We have counseled health care clients on a wide range of issues related to the Medicare and Medicaid payment pro-grams, including extensive work on ways of lawfully maximizing reimbursement in various situations (such as joint ventures and corporate restructurings); and administrative reviews and judicial appeals. Benveniste law offices has dealt with certification, conditions of participation, coverage, reassignment and other government reimbursement issues for all types of government certified providers.