North Carolina Court rules injured CSI entitled to disability benefits

With the popularity of the CSI television series, more and more people have become familiar with the role of crime scene investigators. Now, a real crime scene investigator in North Carolina has won his appeal for temporary total disability benefits and workers’ compensation.

Last month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that the CSI was entitled to workers’ compensation for medical expenses and temporary total disability because of a back injury he sustained on the job. The county, which employed the man, originally denied his claim, but now he will receive the payments he deserves.

The investigator said that he hurt his back while trying to life a heavy object at a crime scene. At the time, the county agreed that he should see an orthopedic specialist. The doctor diagnosed the man with a herniated disc, which caused him significant back pain. As time passed, the pain prevented him from being able to do his job, so he was forced to quit.

The herniated disc became worse, and the man underwent surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, he still experienced pain, and his doctor said that he was not able to work because of the injury. This is key to the man’s case.

The Court of Appeals ruled that because the doctor determined the man was incapable of working, he should be granted temporary total disability benefits in addition to compensation for his medical expenses. The man’s injury was clearly sustained on the job, and a qualified medical professional pronounced him unable to work.

Although the county tried to argue that the man did not look hard enough for another job, the Court ruled that he did not need to do so. The doctor’s determination that he was unfit for work was sufficient in their eyes. In any matter involving personal injury, it’s best to speak with an injury law firm.

Surprising number of women care for ailing ex-husbands

Aging and disease do not only strike married people. Divorced people are just as likely to come down with serious illnesses or experience chronic health problems associated with aging. The only difference is that there is nobody around to help care for a sick person after a divorce.

Or is there? According to an article by United Press International, a study from the University of Missouri found many women caring for their ex-husbands during a serious illness or toward the end of the ex-husbands’ lives. The study suggested that such an arrangement is actually more common than many would believe, and many of the women involved enjoyed the experience. However, others did not.

The two researchers behind the study conducted a series of phone interviews with women who said they were caregivers for their ex-husband. The reasons behind the women’s generosity varied, but tended to involve the children. Having children together kept the divorced couples in each other’s lives after the marriage ended. Caring for an ailing ex-husband seems to be a way to please the children. One of the researchers said that maintaining good relations with the children was a “strong motivator” for many of the women who agreed to take care of their ex-husbands.

Some women reported that the experience was positive for them. They found that their ex-husbands’ illness softened them and made their interactions less fraught with conflict.

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The study did not examine how often men care for their ex-wives when they get sick.



Pair of bills would prevent use of Sharia law in Missouri courts

Two bills introduced in the Missouri State Assembly are meant to deal with what their sponsors perceive to be the threat of Islamic-based law becoming cited in state courts, including in family law cases. Critics of the bills say they are addressing a problem that does not exist and may be bigoted against Muslims.

The bills are sponsored by Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, and Rep. Don Wells, R-Cabool. Rep. Wells’ bill would create a constitutional amendment prohibiting judges from using “the legal precepts of other nations or cultures,” specifically mentioning Sharia law as something to be banned. His bill has 106 co-sponsors in the House, 66 percent of membership.

Rep. Wells said that Internet research conducted by himself and an aide convinced him that Sharia is “very oppressive for ladies,” presumably in divorce and other family law cases, and tends to exact violent punishment for even minor crimes. He admitted that there is no evidence that Sharia law has become influential in Missouri courts, but said that a “big push” around the world to make Sharia the law of the land could impact the state in years to come.

According to a professor and Islam expert at Washington University in St. Louis, Sharia is a set of interpretations of Muslim scripture. Sharia influences the civil laws in some countries with a Muslim majority, and in some Western countries, Muslim communities have set up Sharia councils to deal with matters of marriage or settling of estates, the professor said. Such councils have no legal authority and are similar to bodies found in some Orthodox Jewish communities.

Rep. Curtman said that his bill is meant only to prevent judges from using international laws in their decisions. But his bill is nearly identical to a model bill written by an attorney in Arizona. On the attorney’s network of websites, he claims that people who practice Sharia law are likely to be jihadists and should be deported or imprisoned for up to 20 years.

Rep. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, called Rep. Curtman’s bill an example of Islamophobia. She said the supporters of the bill do not understand Islam.

The former dean of the University of Missouri School of Law said that it is impractical to order judges never to consider foreign laws. For example, he said, judges sometimes must apply the marital laws of a foreign country when a couple married in that country wants a divorce in Missouri or for regarding a Washington, DC estate attorney.


Children Removed from Charlie Sheen’s Home

Charlie Sheen may be impressed with himself, but a judge recently deciding on a restraining order against him was not. Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller was successful in getting the temporary restraining order against Sheen, which resulted in the couple’s two young sons being removed from Sheen’s home.

Sheen told reporters last night that he did not know where the two boys, who are twins, had been taken. The boys are almost two years old. Under a divorce settlement made public last month, Mueller will have primary physical custody of the boys. In the sunshine state, a Florida violation of protection order would be put out in this instance.




The Route 23 and Route 287 intersection in Riverdale, New Jersey, is the site of another dump truck accident, the sixth in the past two months. This truck-accident hot spot has seen more accidents in the past two months than an area will usually see in a year, says the borough’s police chief. It seems that many truckers fail to notice the traffic light at the bottom of the Route 287 exit and don’t have enough time to slow down at the bottom of the hill. Police have also previously stationed officers in the area to catch speeding trucks.

The accident happened as the dump truck driver drove down the steep hill and apparently lost control of the vehicle, hitting eight cars. The driver claims he experienced brake failure, but State Police determined the brakes were functional. After hitting the eight cars, the truck eventually rolled over and stopped.

Five people were injured in the crash, all of whom were taken to Chilton Hospital. The Record reports that the victims all suffered head and neck injuries, but there have been no reports on the extent of anyone’s injuries. It is believed that the victims all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but the severity of the injuries remains unknown.

Although the truck driver will face criminal charges, he should also be held liable to the numerous people injured because of his apparent carelessness. All motorists must be careful while driving, but truck drivers must be especially so. Because of the size and weight of a truck, careless driving could cause horrific injuries and tremendous financial and emotional strain on someone injured in a truck accident. There is no excuse for irresponsible driving by truckers and it is important to hold them liable for any damage or destruction they cause. Contact a Yuma auto accident lawyer if you have any questions.

Driving Without a License

Driving Without License

Some key questions to ask include:

  • Was your license suspended for a reason other than a traffic violation?You may be able to clear up your license suspension matter by clearing up other financial obligations and working to amend the charge of driving without a license.
  • Did you know your license was suspended? Was the Scheduled Suspension Notice mailed to the correct address?
  • Was your license suspended due to multiple violations? If so, it’s possible that errors were made involving a previous conviction making the license suspension invalid.

Working to Protect Individuals’ Rights Since 2004

Reckless driving conviction can result in steep penalties, including added points to your driving record. Upon receiving six or more points on your record within a three-year period, you will be assessed a surcharge. Twelve or more points will result in license suspension, and points on your license could potentially increase your insurance rates without Orlando legal help for criminal charges.

Other penalties for reckless driving in Orlando can include:

  • Up to two months’ jail time (three months for a second offense)
  • Fines ranging from $50-$200 (up to $500 for a second offense)
  • Five points added to your driving record

Sunday accident ends life of Florida motorcyclist

Another motorcycle accident claimed the life of a Florida resident this week after his bike struck the back end of a pickup truck. The 35-year-old cyclist died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the now considered fatal accident.

A representative from the Cincinnati car wreck lawyers told media journalists that they responded to an accident report on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011.

When the Florida Highway Patrol arrived on scene, they immediately determined the necessary medical response teams and closed the road to conduct an investigation and clean up the debris scattered across the roadway.

After initial investigation the Florida Highway Patrol officers were able to determine that the motorcycle had struck the back end of the pickup truck driven by a 75-year-old man from Lehigh. When it collided with the truck, the cyclist was ejected from the vehicle.

The truck began to swerve across the westbound lanes of State Road 82 in Lehigh Acres. The motorcyclist’s body was hit by the out of control pickup truck. The cyclist’s body bounced from the truck and into the eastbound lanes of the roadway.

The 85-year-old driver of an oncoming Nissan Maxima could not take evasive maneuvers in time and ended up also striking the cyclist. The helmet that the cyclist was wearing for safety did not prevent him from the life-threatening injuries caused by the force of the two vehicles. At some point during the accident or shortly after, the cyclist died of his injuries.

While authorities were able to determine which vehicles went where during the crash, they have not reported their suspicions about what caused the two vehicles to collide. When driver negligence is involved in a crash, victims may be eligible for compensation for damages that they suffer as a result.

Managed Care and Medical Staff

Managed Care

Managed care continues to have a tremendous impact on health care. Our Health Care Practice Group has provided a full range of services related to managed care arrangements including all aspects of HMO and PPO development, acquisition and sale, managed care joint ventures, independent practice associations (IPAs) and physician-hospital organizations (PHOs). Our qualified’s services include determination of appropriate structures and business forms, contracts with providers and payors; contracts with Medicare and federal employees; fraud and abuse, and reimbursement issues; insurance regulatory compliance and Department of Insurance matters; and securities exemptions, offerings and registration matters.

Medical Staff

The relationship between hospitals and physicians is important to both providers. Our qualified Health Care attorneys have worked with hospitals to draft medical staff bylaws and have counseled hospitals as well as individual health professionals on various questions involving medical staff activities and hospital bylaws. This work includes counseling on malpractice insurance issues; peer review activities; immunity and National Practitioner Data Bank issues (including the operation and effect of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act); disciplinary activities (including summary and automatic suspension hearings); revocation of clinical or admitting privileges; medical staff membership issues (including questions involving closed medical staffs); and the role of allied health professionals.

Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement and Appeals

We have counseled health care clients on a wide range of issues related to the Medicare and Medicaid payment pro-grams, including extensive work on ways of lawfully maximizing reimbursement in various situations (such as joint ventures and corporate restructurings); and administrative reviews and judicial appeals. Benveniste law offices has dealt with certification, conditions of participation, coverage, reassignment and other government reimbursement issues for all types of government certified providers.