Family claims defective bicycle led to serious brain injury

Family claims defective bicycle led to serious brain injury
21 Mar

A brain injury can have a major impact on a person’s life. For instance, these injuries can sometimes cause their victims to lose the ability to perform many life functions. Sometimes, these injuries can even leave their victims comatose. Recently, in Texas, a family has claimed that a defective bicycle caused a harmful accident which resulted in an individual suffering a serious brain injury.

The accident allegedly occurred on September 9, 2010. That day, a male cyclist was riding a bicycle on a state highway near Nacogdoches, Texas. Then, the steering fork of the bicycle allegedly fractured, which resulted in the handlebars falling forward. This reportedly caused the cyclist to be thrown from the bicycle and hit his head on the pavement.

The cyclist reportedly suffered a major brain injury from this accident. According to the cyclist’s family, he is currently in a coma and he is not expected to recover.

The cyclist’s family is now suing the company which manufactured the bicycle that was involved in the accident. The family has accused the company of manufacturing a defective product. Also, they have accused the company of negligence in connection to the construction and sale of the bicycle. The family argues that the bicycle’s defects and the company’s negligence contributed to the cyclist’s accident.

This case demonstrates how impactful brain injuries can be on the lives of their victims and their victim’s families. Thus, it is very important for companies that manufacture products like bicycles to take every step reasonably possible to ensure that their products don’t leave users dangerously exposed to these types of injuries.

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