How To Prepare For Safe Travels This Holiday

How To Prepare For Safe Travels This Holiday
08 Jan

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a message for Americans traveling by vehicle this holiday season. In an effort to avoid serious auto accidents, motorists must plan ahead and follow common-sense safety tips. Though preparing to travel in this way may take a little time, it will be well worth your efforts if you are able to arrive at your destination and back home again unharmed.

No matter where you are headed, chances are that you may be affected by severely inclement weather. It is best to avoid traveling during times marked by weather advisories. However, if you have to travel during these periods, keep loved ones regularly updated about where you are and when you plan to arrive. That way, if your vehicle becomes stuck and you cannot get through to anyone over the phone, someone will know where to come looking for you.

In addition, please make sure that your vehicle receives proper maintenance before you travel. Though it can be tempting to “brave the trip” by all means necessary, that stubbornness can lead to breakdowns and truck accidents. Even well-maintained vehicles can be involved in collisions or breakdown, however. This is why it is critically important to travel with a near-full tank of gas, a charged cellphone, bottled water, food, first aid kit, flashlight, blankets and a spare tire or two. Accident prevention is key, but being prepared for the unexpected is also critically important.

All New Jersey residents learned a hard lesson from Hurricane Sandy: expect the unexpected and be prepared. When you are traveling this holiday season, please do so safely. Nothing else ruins a holiday quite like being involved in a car accident.

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