Key Executive Search

Key Executive Search
10 May

Our focus is on providing recruitment solutions. We recruit the best people for our clients, often in competitive markets where talented people are scarce and often not actively looking for a career move. This requires tailored solutions, proactively developed by consultants who know your business and the industry.

Our core services are:

Executive search
For board, senior management and specialist appointments where we are seeking rare skills and/or knowledge. Search is often used in circumstances where the client is aiming for a competitive edge in a tough market.

Advertised selection
May involve newspaper, journal and Internet advertising or targeted mailings. It is typically used for middle management positions where there is a wider potential candidate base from which to select.

Campaign/Recruitment management
Invaluable where there is a need for simultaneous activities to recruit several people, perhaps in business start-up situations or during periods of rapid growth. Here we may integrate the use of search, selection and/or other techniques within a co-ordinated campaign.

Recruitment support
We provide support to HR and line managers, va employment attorneys, assisting in internal selection, advert drafting, CV shortlisting and interview support where required. We can also provide psychometric and ability assessment and help to run assessment centres.

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