With the popularity of the CSI television series, more and more people have become familiar with the role of crime scene investigators. Now, a real crime scene investigator, Car accident lawyer in Stuart FL, has won his appeal for temporary total disability benefits and workers’ compensation.

Last month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that the CSI was entitled to workers’ compensation for medical expenses and temporary total disability because of a back injury he sustained on the job. The county, which employed the man, originally denied his claim, but now he will receive the payments he deserves.

The investigator Denver workers comp attorneys said that he hurt his back while trying to life a heavy object at a crime scene. At the time, the county agreed that he should see an orthopedic specialist. The doctor diagnosed the man with a herniated disc, which caused him significant back pain. As time passed, the pain prevented him from being able to do his job, so he was forced to quit.

The herniated disc became worse, and the man underwent surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, he still experienced pain, and his doctor said that he was not able to work because of the injury. Contact Orlando injunction attorney for help. This is key to the man’s case.

The Court of Appeals ruled that because the doctor determined the man was incapable of working, he should be granted temporary total disability benefits in addition to compensation for his medical expenses. The man’s injury was clearly sustained on the job, and a qualified medical professional pronounced him unable to work.

Although the county tried to argue that the man did not look hard enough for another job, the Court ruled that he did not need to do so. The doctor’s determination that he was unfit for work was sufficient in their eyes. In any matter involving personal injury, it’s best to speak with an injury law firm.