Parents modeling bad driving behavior for teens

Parents modeling bad driving behavior for teens
14 May

We have discussed many serious teen car accidents in previous posts including the recent crash which killed several members of the Campbellsport female soccer team. Although the cause of the particular crash is unknown, one of the many contributing factors in many Wisconsin car accidents is driver distraction. Driver distraction can occur in several ways, but cellphone use is increasingly becoming one of the top contributing causes to car accidents around the state.

Drivers who decide to text and drive divert their attention from the road and can travel significant distances essentially blind. These drivers are less likely to notice changing road conditions or hazards, and are more likely to be involved in rear-end crashes.

Teens who text while driving or talk on the phone while driving are especially dangerous drivers because teens are generally less experienced drivers than adults. It appears that many adults are modeling bad driving behavior for teens however and that this may contribute to the problem of mobile phone use by teen drivers.

A recent survey sponsored by an insurance company found that about half of parents are distracted by cellphones while driving and teaching their children to drive. This sets a bad example for young drivers who should be learning how to operate vehicles in the safest manner possible.

“It is alarming,” said a spokesman for the insurer. “There is a need to remind parents that they are the role models. Whether it’s deliberate or not, we’re showing these teens what’s acceptable in the car.”

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