Settlement reached in brain injury case in California

Settlement reached in brain injury case in California
12 Apr

It can be a very serious matter when a high school athlete suffers a brain injury. Brain injuries can have significant impacts on a high school athlete’s life. Thus, it is very important for high school sports programs to take all reasonable steps to protect their athletes from brain injuries and to respond properly when brain injuries do occur.

Recently, a California case involving brain injuries and high school sports was settled. The case involved a former high school athlete.

Reportedly, in 2007, the athlete was on his high school’s football team. Allegedly, during one of the team’s games, the athlete collapsed on the sidelines. Reportedly, the athlete was found to have a traumatic brain injury. This brain injury reportedly resulted in the athlete becoming paralyzed.

An individual who was a student trainer at the time of this incident claimed that, prior to the above-mentioned game starting, the athlete said he was suffering headaches and asked to be kept out of the game. According to the student trainer, the team’s coach was informed of this request, but put the athlete in the game anyway.

The athlete’s family sued the school district the high school the athlete went to is in. As we mentioned above, a settlement was recently reached in regards to this lawsuit. According to the North County Times article which reported this story, as part of this settlement, a monetary payment will be made to the athlete’s family. Reportedly, this settlement did not include any admissions of wrongdoing.

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