Trial for Fatal Accident in Atlanta Continues for Suspect

Trial for Fatal Accident in Atlanta Continues for Suspect
23 May

The trial to determine the cause of a fatal multiple car accident is moving forward. The crash involving three vehicles occurred last Easter Sunday, in 2009, in Fulton County, GA. One of the cars involved, a Mercedes, contained four victims who died at the scene of the crash. The fifth fatality was a little girl in the backseat of a third car involved.
The main suspect is a 24-year-old woman who was charged last year with counts of vehicular homicide, tampering with evidence, and hit-and-runs. She admits to leaving the accident scene but maintains that she did not cause the accident.
An accurate account of what happened that day is still in dispute. According to the charges, the suspect hit the Mercedes, causing it to hit the third car. The Mercedes started on fire and the family in the car did not survive. The driver of the third car had serious injuries that required hours of surgery.
The suspect’s attorney asserts that it was actually the Mercedes that first hit the suspect’s car, then causing the suspect’s car to swerve and crash back into the Mercedes. However it is still unclear whether the suspect was the first to hit the Mercedes or vice versa.
The suspect has pled guilty to the charge of tampering with evidence. Following the accident, she and her mom planned to have their car fixed to hide any evidence of a car crash. But her lawyer maintains that she is not guilty of the counts of vehicular homicide.
Vehicular homicide is a serious charge. If she is found guilty on all counts, her life will never be the same again.
As more information becomes available, our East Meadow car accident lawyers keep you updated on the outcome of this trial.

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