Driving Without License

Some key questions to ask include:

  • Was your license suspended for a reason other than a traffic violation?You may be able to clear up your license suspension matter by clearing up other financial obligations and working to amend the charge of driving without a license with DUI attorney Shreveport‘s help.
  • Did you know your license was suspended? Was the Scheduled Suspension Notice mailed to the correct address?
  • Was your license suspended due to multiple violations? If so, it’s possible that errors were made involving a previous conviction making the license suspension invalid.

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Reckless driving conviction can result in steep penalties, including added points to your driving record. Upon receiving six or more points on your record within a three-year period, you will be assessed a surcharge. Twelve or more points will result in license suspension, and points on your license could potentially increase your insurance rates without Orlando legal help for criminal charges.

Other penalties for reckless driving in Orlando can include:

  • Up to two months’ jail time (three months for a second offense)
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  • Fines ranging from $50-$200 (up to $500 for a second offense)
  • Five points added to your driving record